Various Quick Italian Cooking Tips

Here are some quick tips when it comes to Italian cooking and they run the gamut from dealing with burns to dealing with vegetables. When it comes to garlic smells on your hands or fingers, put your hands or fingers in lemon juice. This works like a charm to remove the smell of garlic from your hands or fingers. Interested in Chili but have it all over your hands? Wash your nails and hands thoroughly afterwards or use gloves if you can. Chili powder in eyes is not a good thing. This can be a recipe for serious trouble.

Sometimes we all wind up getting a burn or two when cooking. An idea is to cover the burned area in toothpaste to avoid a burn mark. This may sound crazy but it certainly beats the cold water trick by a long shot. This makes even the 10 minute time limit under cold water look extreme! Everyone loves fresh pasta so if you are looking to get the best consistency and texture after you roll out the pasta, hang it on a shelf or back of a chair to dry for 5 minutes.

Along with this, when you are cutting pasta especially ravioli, it would be better instead of using wooden surfaces to cut, you might want to consider a metal or marble worktop so that the surface isn't marred by the ravioli cutters. When it comes to veggies and washing most of the time you can wash veggies, the exception to this rule is mushrooms. Washing these if they are fresh just makes them soggy and ends up toughening them. Here is the exception to that particular rule and that is if the mushrooms are dried in the first place. Bear this in mind when handling veggies.

Getting your oil too hot so that it burns isn't a good idea. Warming it instead of frying it will make a difference in not only your oil texture but also the taste of the foot. Try warming the oil for about one minute on high then dropping the heat immediately to medium after the space of a minute. If your oil is smoking, then it is too hot and in danger of burning. If you have walnuts, an easier way to crack them would be to place two in your hand and squeeze them. They should break more easily in this fashion.

In the areas of making pasta sauces, when it comes to stirring ingredients, it is better to use either a back/forward motion or down/up instead of circles and mixed everything together quite nicely. It doesn't take a lot of time and if your tomato sauce still tastes sour, try adding a teaspoon of milk or a pinch of sugar to counteract the acidity. Using these tips can go a long way in order to help you get the most out of your cooking in the Italian fashion. Try them the next time that you cook Italian and see what a difference these make in your cooking. You don't need to travel to Italy to enjoy the Italian food.